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Well, lets get the housekeeping out of the way. I’m Mae Wilde. Sort-of.

I’m Mae here. Somewhere else I’m someone else…but aren’t we all? Someone with a job, and a business, and a presentable blog with photos and recipes and crafty endevours. And a mother, and colleagues and friends who read that blog.

I like writing and sharing there. It is all well and good, and in general I really enjoy it. But sometimes I just want to bitch, or snark, or laugh, or cry. And so this is my place for that.

You’ll find references to ‘Mr. W’ or ‘The Dev’ in places. ‘The Detective’ is my other half, and my sanity when he’s not driving me completely mental. He’s not really a detective, shocker, he is however excellent at finding things (hence the nickname) and one of the most intelligent people I know. He is sexy as hell and after all these years makes still makes me completely weak at the knees when he kisses me.

If you do stop by, say hi! I promise, my bark is far worse than my bite.

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