Jul 222010

In the interest of full disclosure, this blog is here so that I have somewhere to file away the madness in my head. That’s it. If you come to visit you are welcome to say hi, or not, whatever. This is my diary in the world-wide-web. Anonymous, faceless, but possibly more me than I am anywhere else. It might be humorous, or snarky, or tortured. There’s a lot of other stuff in between. Severely sarcastic peeks it head in every now and then too, who am I kidding, sarcastic is most of the time. Consider yourself warned, pour a drink, […]

Jul 092010

Oops, you’ve caught me with my skirt up.  Just getting the place in order right now. The bar is stocked so grab a drink and I’ll be back shortly, there’s ice in the fridge.

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