Sep 162012

I went to a blogging conference recently and sat with a woman who complained all day that a certain group of bloggers (of which she is part) had no community. In her next breath, and without a single hint of irony, she said anyone who does sponsored posts or tries to make a business out of their blog is a sellout. My subject-changing terse grin may have said “um, ok” but my brain was most definitely screaming “shut up you stupid cow“. Just saying.


I mentioned recently that I finally told work that I wanted to cut back on hours. The conversation went really well. And then nothing. Radio silence. I followed up after a week, gently – as discussed, blah blah. The response? Please put it in writing. Um, ok, could you not have asked that a week ago? So I put it in writing. Complete with an action – I would like to begin these new hours on x date. And then nothing. For another week. Really? I lamented to my mother about the situation and her response was quite insightful – per usual. It is […]

Mar 082012

Well I’ve done it, I’ve taken my red dress out of the closet and for a spin. The action I took wasn’t huge, but it was big enough for right now, big enough for me today. I’ve made the first step towards cutting back my hours at work. For me this is an enormous step. I’ve had the conversation. I’ve been wanting to have the conversation since November. Putting it off for one reason or another, never finding the right moment. But the other day I just did it. Considered, calm, matter of fact. Wearing my red dress on the […]

Jul 282011

Here is the thing, I have never been thin – ever. Fit? kind of. Healthy? pretty much. But thin? never. Until now. As women it is very acceptable to bitch and kid about being fat or having a muffin top, or demeurly drop our eyes in thanks when complimented that we have lost a few pounds. But it is poor taste to be proud of being thin unless you have been through some intensive program or orgainsed diet plan and/or are trying to win a competition having to do with said weight loss. I call bullshit. Bull-shit. I want to […]


It is indifference, and usually I have it down pat when it comes to a very unfortunate person in my life. However tonight is not that night. Tonight I am writing a letter to a person for whom I alternate between utter disgust / loathing and complete indifference. Due to a situation that has recently arisen I have to address an accusatory hurtful email sent to me nearly 2 years ago. Well I don’t have to but I need to in order to move on. I am sitting here and I feel like I have icewater running through my veins, […]

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