Jul 282011

Here is the thing, I have never been thin – ever. Fit? kind of. Healthy? pretty much. But thin? never. Until now. As women it is very acceptable to bitch and kid about being fat or having a muffin top, or demeurly drop our eyes in thanks when complimented that we have lost a few pounds. But it is poor taste to be proud of being thin unless you have been through some intensive program or orgainsed diet plan and/or are trying to win a competition having to do with said weight loss. I call bullshit. Bull-shit. I want to […]


It is indifference, and usually I have it down pat when it comes to a very unfortunate person in my life. However tonight is not that night. Tonight I am writing a letter to a person for whom I alternate between utter disgust / loathing and complete indifference. Due to a situation that has recently arisen I have to address an accusatory hurtful email sent to me nearly 2 years ago. Well I don’t have to but I need to in order to move on. I am sitting here and I feel like I have icewater running through my veins, […]

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