You could call it going on vacation, you could call it discovering (you could also call it running away – lets not) but we call it going on an adventure.

Mr. W has renewed his passport – for the second time since we’ve been together – so we of course need to fill it up again. The flights on either end of a multi-monthed trip are booked! We know when we need to be on an airplane and that’s a damn good start.

The only other thing booked is a trek to Macchu Picchu – squeeeeeeee! I have always wanted to go and although it is not the primary purpose of this trip it is a great excuse for a detour into South America.

There is stacks of planning ahead, a few decisions to be made around job and home futures and endless lists to be made but for right now, we’re going on an adventure!

– Side note, I have to add a new category for this post, it is far too positive for any of the current ones – ha!




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