I have a general distaste for doctors. I find most of them don’t care to figure out what is wrong with you, but will just prescribe pills to fix what it may look like in the shortest amount of time possible.  I once had a GP try to prescribe me antidepressants because I broke into tears during an appointment while sick as a dog. It was the first time I had ever seen him, and he didn’t even have any history, out came the script pad and ‘Why don’t you try these for a while’… WTF, really? WTF. Just give me an antibiotic for my sinus infection and shove your other meds where the sun don’t shine. Needless to say I never went back. He looked uncomfortable when I asked what the drug was that he was trying to prescribe so that I could ask my aunt – the psychologist – about it. Too bad. I don’t really like taking medication at the best of times. Even pain pills I avoid whenever I can – this will get more relevant in a minute.

So a bit less than a year ago we finally gave up waiting for everything to regulate and went to a fertility doctor. A good one based on her fees and office location. Within the first appointment she told me that I needed to go on both Clomid and Metformin… I DON’T WANT DRUGS, I WANT YOU TO FIGURE OUT WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME FIRST, THEN IF THAT IS THE SOLUTION FINE, BUT TRY TO WORK IT OUT DAMNIT.

‘Oh, well you can walk more and cut down on sugar to get your glucose levels under control’ (even though they aren’t that bad, instead of going on diabetic drugs that you really don’t need). OH THAT SOUNDS LIKE A BETTER IDEA, WHY DIDN’T YOU START WITH THAT OPTION?

So that is where I started.

Aug 032010

It all started about a year and a half ago. I went off the pill, finally, after about 15 years. My body staged a revolt. First the sex drive went on holidays – severe holidays – for a couple of months. The my hair decided that it had places other than on my head that it needed to be, luckily I have a fare bit to begin with so the handfuls in the shower were more mentally disturbing than visually an issue. My period however did not come to the party at all. It was over 6 months until the first one.

The upside is that the fat started to go too. Fast. Really fast. I had made some changes in diet and exercise but not anything too dramatic from what I had done for years and not nearly enough to cause 10 pounds to drop in only a couple of months. It was fantastic and almost enough to distract me from everything else that was (or more accurately was not) happening.

In December 2009, year almost to the day from when I went off the pill, my period came back. Every 5 weeks, bang on. It happened just at the same time that we decided to go to a fertility doctor. But more about her later.

Jul 222010

In the interest of full disclosure, this blog is here so that I have somewhere to file away the madness in my head. That’s it. If you come to visit you are welcome to say hi, or not, whatever. This is my diary in the world-wide-web. Anonymous, faceless, but possibly more me than I am anywhere else.

It might be humorous, or snarky, or tortured. There’s a lot of other stuff in between. Severely sarcastic peeks it head in every now and then too, who am I kidding, sarcastic is most of the time.

Consider yourself warned, pour a drink, and feel free to hang out for a while.

Jul 092010

Oops, you’ve caught me with my skirt up.  Just getting the place in order right now. The bar is stocked so grab a drink and I’ll be back shortly, there’s ice in the fridge.

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