Many years ago a good friend called us gypsies. It made us laugh because it is pretty close to the truth. Not in the traveling-light sense but in the never-quite-settled sense. We get itchy feet quickly, we need to travel, or move or change.

So in an attempt to solve for one of our items of inertia a decision has been made, sort of. A decision to look somewhere else to live. Somewhere that is less expensive, and closer to the beach and promises of a better lifestyle.

Yes the irony of stating that we are forever on the move in one breath and then saying we are have decided to settle in the next has not been lost on me. But the proviso is this – we find a place to move to for 4 years. If we hate it after one we give it one more. If we hate it after two we go somewhere else. If we love it we still re-evaluate at 4 and see if we want to stay for one more. or more.

But the decision to go and do something, not do nothing because we can’t do everything, not hope that things here will change, is big. Really big. I don’t now how it will work out but it is a step forward. And one of the first we have made in a long time.

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